PS5 beats Xbox Series X as a 4K Blu Ray player, new testing suggests

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Future)

A new next-gen Blu Ray breakdown shows that PS5 beats the Xbox Series X as a 4K Blu Ray machine. 

The audio-visual experts over at HDTV Test (opens in new tab) recently published a comprehensive breakdown of Blu Ray performance for both consoles, complete with granular analyses of frame rate, color gradients, and more. Video enthusiasts will find a wealth of numbers to pick through, but most viewers likely won't notice the practical implications of some of the variables highlighted. Fortunately, YouTuber Vincent Teoh (opens in new tab) provided a helpful summary that puts things in perspective. 

"To sum up, the Sony PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X in terms of 4K Blu Ray playback," he says. "While casual viewers will still be satisfied with the 4K HDR presentation from the Xbox Series X, when watching ultra HD Blu Rays, the Sony PlayStation 5 simply delivered superior color gradation with less pasteurization, higher chroma bandwidth with less roll-off, as well as glitch-free 24 FPS output." 

To simplify that further, the PS5 avoids occasional FPS hitches during playback and delivers better colors overall, making better use of the detail embedded in ultra HD 4K Blu Rays. Of course, as an outspoken video devotee himself, Teoh still recommends a dedicated 4K Blu Ray player for avid viewers, but these tests decisively favor the PS5 over the Xbox Series X. 

And so, another wrinkle is added to the PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate. Both consoles are great, of course, but knowing the little things can help you choose between the two. 

Austin Wood

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