PS5 accolades system lets you reward helpful players online

(Image credit: Sony / Future)

Sony has revealed a brand new accolades system for PS5, where players can commend each other for a positive online experience.

Revealed over on the official PlayStation 5 website yesterday, accolades function as a way of players giving "other players positive accolades to encourage or congratulate other contenders on a multiplayer match well played." Your accolades will be displayed on your PSN profile, signalling to others whether you're a force for good online.

PSN accolades fall into three categories: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport. Each category gives you a points score based on feedback from others, which then group together to give you one final rating to display on your PSN profile.

You'll only be able to give one player an accolade per match, however. You can't give accolades to players who are on your friends list, and you also can't give an accolade to the same player more than once within 12 hours.

It's certainly a positive step forward for player communication on PS5, especially when you're jumping into an online match with random players. Although there's no mention of an implementation date for the accolades feature on the PS5, you can se from the featured image on this page that it's already live for those with a review unit.

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Hirun Cryer

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