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PS4 gets a free multiplayer weekend in North America

Playing PS4 without a PlayStation Plus subscription? You're stronger willed than me, I've been shelling out for one ever since I got a PS Vita in 2013. But for a 72 hour period over this weekend, your subscription-free lifestyle won't even keep you from enjoying online multiplayer - just like the old days.

Sony has announced another free multiplayer weekend for PS4 in North America, running from Friday at 12:01 am PT to Sunday at 11:59 pm. You'll be one-hundred percent free to play any PS4 game online for the duration, including Battlefield Hardline (opens in new tab), which is set to release on Tuesday.

Heck, if you play it non-stop through the weekend and get your fill of cops-and-robbers online action, you'll never have to buy a PS Plus subscription at all! That'd show 'em.

Remember that the free multiplayer weekend won't confer any of the other benefits of a PS Plus subscription on PS4, namely a bunch of discounts and the Instant Game Collection's rotating lineup of free titles. And you'll still have to own whatever game you want to play online, so I guess it's only half free.

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