PS4 gets a free multiplayer weekend in North America

Playing PS4 without a PlayStation Plus subscription? You're stronger willed than me, I've been shelling out for one ever since I got a PS Vita in 2013. But for a 72 hour period over this weekend, your subscription-free lifestyle won't even keep you from enjoying online multiplayer - just like the old days.

Sony has announced another free multiplayer weekend for PS4 in North America, running from Friday at 12:01 am PT to Sunday at 11:59 pm. You'll be one-hundred percent free to play any PS4 game online for the duration, including Battlefield Hardline, which is set to release on Tuesday.

Heck, if you play it non-stop through the weekend and get your fill of cops-and-robbers online action, you'll never have to buy a PS Plus subscription at all! That'd show 'em.

Remember that the free multiplayer weekend won't confer any of the other benefits of a PS Plus subscription on PS4, namely a bunch of discounts and the Instant Game Collection's rotating lineup of free titles. And you'll still have to own whatever game you want to play online, so I guess it's only half free.

Connor Sheridan

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