PS4 free online multiplayer weekend arrives just in time for Sparrow Racing and Jakku

You won't need PS Plus to try out PS4 online multiplayer this weekend. Sony's holding a free multiplayer weekend in North America from Friday at 12:01am PT to Sunday at 11:59pm, with no subscription required to head online in any PS4 game.

All you need to do is sign into a PSN account and load up an online multiplayer game on PS4 - no extra setup is required. Note that the free multiplayer weekend won't confer any of the other benefits of PlayStation Plus, like PlayStation Store discounts or those lovely free PS Plus games (opens in new tab).

Other benefits aside, it's still the ideal time to try out Destiny's (opens in new tab) Sparrow Racing League (opens in new tab), or to sample Star Wars Battlefront's (opens in new tab) free Battle of Jakku DLC (opens in new tab). I'd recommend you just rent Battlefront if you don't plan on subscribing to PS Plus, unless you'd really like to play the same handful of single-player/co-op missions over and over.

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