PS3, Wii failure rate under one percent

When you spend big bucks on a games console, the last thing you want is to get up one morning to find it's given up the fight and become a fancy-looking brick.

But that's hardly a worry with the PS3 and Wii according to store managers, who say that the failure rate of the two consoles is less than one percent.

One EB Games manager told that absolutely no Wii consoles had been returned with faults.

But while Sony's and Nintendo's consoles continue to perform well, store managers also reinforced the ongoing concerns over Xbox 360 reliability, one Best Buy "associate" claiming that "between a quarter to a third" of all 360's sold develop faults.

This is in line with reports claiming a 30-33 percent failure rate for Microsoft's console - which is alarmingly high, and further explains why some repair firms are withdrawing 360 support.

July 5, 2007