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You can pre-order PlayStation VR & games already!

PlayStation VR preorders are live, at least in the UK. You can buy the headset and a few games on both GAME and Amazon UK sites as of now, with everything arriving in October.

Just so you know the PlayStation VR price is £350/$400 (opens in new tab), and this is what's in the PS VR box (opens in new tab). Note the Move controllers and camera aren't included (opens in new tab) so there's an extra cost there. Now, on to the deals:

GAME (opens in new tab) have the basic package for £350, which includes the PlayStation VR headset, processor unit, stereo earbuds, HDMI cable, USB cable, AC adaptor and power cord, and PS VR headset connection adaptor.

Amazon UK (opens in new tab) has a page but currently preorders aren't live until 11:00 GMT on Wednesday, 16 March.

You can also buy a few games on Amazon including the following:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood £49.99. (opens in new tab)

London Heist for £49.99. (opens in new tab)

Gran Turismo: Sport for £49.99. (opens in new tab)

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Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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