Possess your D&D miniature in VR with this upcoming TTRPG game

Dungeon Full Dive GM looming above player characters with dice.
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Upcoming D&D software Dungeon Full Dive is giving off some serious chaotic-aligned vibes at Steam's Next Fest this year. It's a game that not only lets GMs design maps and plot adventures for their tabletop campaigns, but also gives players an online space to gather - either via your PC interface or VR headset - and play out your TTRPG fantasies in a unique 3D digital space.

Akin to popular tabletop gaming software like Roll 20, or One More Multiverse, Dungeon Full Dive doesn't stop at a simple top-down view of your party on the board. Instead, you're able to create and embody your characters. And although it's not a necessity, players who happen to have a VR headset can use it to get really deep into the action.

From placing digital figurines into dioramas sprawling before you, to physically drawing your character's bow, or picking your dice from the little popup menu on your controller in VR and rolling it with the flick of your wrist, it all looks very involved.

There's the option to create your own battle maps, or pick and adapt some from the game's catalog, as well as a powerful looking character creator that apparently lets you become whoever "or whatever" you want. So even monsters may not be off the table as player characters.

(Image credit: TxK Gaming Studios)

Yesterday, we got to watch the developers play through the game's official one shot adventure, Trouble on the Wind, to showcase what the system can do. The livestream is an hour and half of tomfoolery that gives a good taster of how the game works.

So far, with game mechanics and stat integration to support D&D 5e, or whatever TTRPG you can think of, the game's looking pretty dang versatile.

Meanwhile, the devs at Txk Gaming Studios are even holding a map building contest with a $500 prize pool. Just design a map in the Dungeon Full Dive demo to be in for a chance to win some dollar in the form of a Steam gift card. The "funniest, most playable, most ambitious, and Txk's favorite" will win a $200 Steam gift card for first place, or $100 / $50 for second and third place, respectively.

(Image credit: TxK Gaming Studios)

Once you've sculpted a map fit for the heartiest of adventurers, all you have to do is head over to the game's official Discord's Map Building contest channel and submit your design. The contest is only open until October 16, so you better get designing ASAP.

The game's releasing via Steam on October 23, and if you're hungry for even more D&D inspired games there are plenty more to have graced us over the recent Steam Strategy Fest.

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