Pokemusings, week 34

The latest Pokemon movie, The Rise of Darkrai, made its American debut this past week. It was definitely one of the better Pokemon movies, but it also had its fair share of contrived elements and general stupidity. That said, we learned a lot from watching The Rise of Darkrai. Here are some lessons and random thoughts that came to us as we watched the movie.

Ash Ketchum is still stupid
In his "dream" fight with Darkrai, Ash makes the bold and brilliant move of attacking Darkrai with his... wait for it... Turtwig. Is he stupid?! Has he not learned from his previous encounters with legendary Pokemon?! Seriously people, what kind of moron attacks an obviously powerful Pokemon with a starter? Idiot.

Darkrai makes us hungry
When we hear the word Darkrai, we start thinking about bread. Dark rye... corn beef... sauerkraut - areubenwould sure hit the spot! Does Darkrai have siblings? Marblerai? Seededrai?

Baron Alberto = Gaston
The human antagonist of the movie, Baron Alberto acts overly macho, dresses like a priss, and judges things based on their looks. He's pretty much a scrawnier version of Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Pokemon = Godzilla
More than any other Pokemon movie, this one reminded us of a Godzilla flick. There were these awesome battles with giant super-cool monsters going on while a bunch of humans were running around like idiots. Somehow, the humans played an integral part in saving the day, but the monster mash was the real attraction.