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Pokemon Sun and Moon trademarks leak ahead of Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is set to announce some big news for the Pokemon series tomorrow, and it looks like a European trademark application has let the Meowth out of the bag early. Separate applications applications for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon trademarks, each with their own colorful logos, were filed this very day by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Both trademark applications cover video games as well as the usual associated merch (including table napkins and fountain pens). I hope the astral theme means Pokemon is finally getting the sci-fi space opera it's always deserved.

Nintendo plans to host a Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct presentation at 7 am PST / 3 PM GMT on February 26 (that's tomorrow), where it will probably do its best to pretend that nobody saw any of this coming. Hopefully Nintendo will have more to show off than those colorful logos - especially since 2016 marks the 20-year anniversary of Pokemon. Wait, twenty years? Holy Miltank.

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Connor Sheridan
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