Pokemon Snap has never looked better as professional photographer shares their pictures

New Pokemon Snap
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A professional photographer has been taking to Twitter and sharing his beautiful pictures taken in New Pokemon Snap.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take fun pictures in New Pokemon Snap - the game does a fairly decent job at offering players ample opportunity in getting great pictures of their favorite pocket monsters. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be a professional either. That’s where Ayato comes in. The photographer, who works with Red Bull in Japan, has taken up to posting his most impressive snaps on Twitter for others to enjoy (and get envious of his skill.)

It’s an amazing array of photos and shows just how far the limited toolset can be pushed. While a lot of controls are out of players hands, it's fascinating to see what can be achieved with a little creativity and experience. 

You can check out a nice selection of Ayato’s work below:

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Ayato spoke about his experience in trying to get the most out of the game with IT Media (via Kotaku). The reason he picked up the game and its toolset is due to his gratitude towards the original title. 

The photographer revealed that he became initially interested in pictures thanks to Pokemon Snap. He said: "Pokemon Snap is a game where you can enjoy such a special experience as a child, and I have been playing it for a long time without getting tired of it. I remember having fun with the timing of pressing the shutter by myself."

He went on to explain that New Pokemon Snap does actually add several key elements to provide players with the ability to express themselves, saying: “adjustment, trimming, and processing functions have been added, so even if you shoot the same Pokemon from the same place, you can now give yourself a different personality from other people."

 He adds: “When taking pictures (as a professional), it is very important to demonstrate 'individuality' that is different from other people, so I feel that we have evolved to create a more photographer-like experience.”

It’s always fun to see players take simple toolsets in games and really push them to their limits. That’s especially true of games that allow users to express themselves. It’s a nice reminder that even in a game with some hard set boundaries, there’s always some creativity to be found.  

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