Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's first official mod removes Ed Sheeran from the game

Ed Sheeran as a Pokemon character
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mods are already available, and the first to be released removes singer Ed Sheeran from the game.

In case you missed it, Sheeran debuted a promotional song in the lead-up to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's release called 'Celestial', and a version of the track appears during the games' credit sequence. Well, whether because they aren't fans of the song or Sheeran's music more generally, someone's gone and made a mod that "de-Sheeranifies the credits."

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The mod not only removes Ed Sheeran's Pokemon song from Scarlet and Violet, it replaces it with music from the late Japanese singer Wada Koji, known for his work on the Digimon anime series, notably his first single, Butter-Fly, the title track of Digimon Adventure.

It's also worth noting that modder CrescentCrossbow has only tested the mod on Pokemon Violet, so it hasn't been confirmed to work with Pokemon Scarlet just yet, however the modder expects it to be compatible.

Sheeran or Sheerno, our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review isn't exactly perfect. The games' bad habits include myriad technical issues, mechanical oversights, and a lack of vision, although Game Freak really brought out the A-team for the game's music and the new Terastallizing feature. We're just thinking out loud though.

"The basic mechanics of Pokemon remain largely untouched – it's still catching, battling, and training as you remember it – and while that may be enough for many devotees, Generation 9 is a tougher sell for those who need more of a reason to engage with the series, impacted as it is by technical issues, mechanical oversights, and a lack of vision," writes GR's Joel Franey. "Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should have been a bright and bold entry that sets the series up for future expansion, but an attempt to modernize while staying loyal to the past hasn't really succeeded in doing either one – and the headache doesn't help, to boot."

Despite this, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet still had the highest pre-orders in the series' history.

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