Pokemon Monday - The problem with Poliwrath

Episode7 highlights

What's the deal with Poliwrath? - Seriously, a tadpole Pokemon that remains a tadpole even after its third-stage evolution? Really?! Didit really not occur to anyone on thePokemon design team that tadpoles turn into frogs until Gold and Silver?

EV training - Well, I try to talk about EV training, but apparently I'm the only one on staff who does it. Seriously guys, EV training super important and not that hard to do. Come on! I didn't even get to mention my favorite hotspots because no one else is into it. Readers, back me up!

Links for stuffwe mentioned on the show:

Bulbanews'sOn the Origin of Speciesarticle series by George Hutcheson - Learn about the inspirations for some of the more perplexing Pokemon designs.

Unlock secret PC box wallpapers- Filb.de has a secret phrase generator to help make organizing your PC more bearable.

Animated gif of the week-Charizard card's brief cameo in Mission Impossible.

Question of the week:
Do you EV train? What's your biggest tip for EV training?

See you next week!

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