Pokémon fan reimagines Sword and Shield as Game Boy games

Pokémon Red and Blue
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A Pokémon fan has reimagined Sword and Shield as a glorious retro Game Boy game, even down to the incredible 8-bit music.

Known on YouTube as ハヤテ京雲寺, they uploaded a video showing off a Pokémon Sword and Shield "original story", beginning with the Galarian starting town of Postwick, all as if the game was released on the original Game Boy.

In the video, we see a nice little intro to Sword and Shield re-created, with the player character emerging from their home and making their way over to speak to an NPC. From then onwards, we're treated to a tour of Postwick, Wedgehurst and more.

All of the subtitles and writing are in Japanese, but on the plus side, you can simply enjoy the visuals and listen along to the glorious 8-bit renditions of all the of Sword and Shield music. The individual towns are listed in the description of the video, so go ahead and give it a listen.

The description also reveals their intentions behind this excellent creation; they simply wanted to listen to and play Sword and Shield in the old Game Boy style, the uploader writes. "I couldn't find it when I looked for it, so I made it myself!"

It's a beautiful window into what Sword and Shield could've been like if the game stuck to the old retro style of Pokémon like Red, Blue and Yellow. The classic Game Boy visuals mix extremely well with the locations and music from Sword and Shield, making a perfectly nostalgic experience for all of us who are ancient enough to have played the first Pokémon games on the Game Boy.

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