Podcast: TalkRadar UK #60

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Push start to play! Yes, it's your weekly dose of TalkRadar UK, only now (and only partly if we're honest) in the format of a videogame. So bring your coat for the ice level also known as 'what we've been playing' and the lava level of the GamesRadar hotline.

Your hosts for this 60th podcast are Dave H, Cundy and Justin, who cover such subjects as...

THE NEWS! - Sonic's back! And actually good. Also Matt discusses what we all thought of the Medal of Honor trailer... mostly because Justin and Dave forgot to watch it before heading to the studio.

APPRECIATION SECTION! - It's Matt's turn to appreciate a game of days gone by - the rather beautifully cel-shaded XIII, starring David Duchovny.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK! - Where weread out your answers to the questions... What's your favourite weapon you've ever wielded in a game and why?

... And much, much more.

Yup, another magnificent Minigame Challenge, this time seeing Cundy, Towell and Houghton draw Mario while blindfolded by a gimp mask. Of course.

And in case you were wondering what on earth 'extreme speedrunning' is during the show, here's the video one more time.

GamesRadar hotline

Right, here's the deal... DO: Send us game related questions/trivia or a confession. Ensure that yourtext isn't a small essay. DON'T: Send us chain texts, jokes or requests asking for a job. Got it? So with the serious crap out of the way, please do drop us a linewe'll play your dulcet tones across the airwaves via the wonders of technology. Or simplydrop us a text. We love hearing from you guys.All calls and texts charged at your local standard rate.

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Post date: Wednesday 13th October 2010
Run time: 1 hour 42 minutes 27 seconds
Intro music:Sabrepulse| Outro and minigame music:The Disco King
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