PlayStation Support has just released a load of PS5 tutorials

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

The PlayStation Support YouTube channel has just released 3 videos that will help players prepare for PS5.

The clips are no longer than 3 minutes in length and focus on transferring your PS4 games to PS5, how to get your account set up on PS5, and recommended settings to check when your first boot up your PS5.

While these are clearly designed to help ease people into setting up their console next week, there are some interesting bits of new information across all three videos. In the recommended settings video, as you can watch below, it turns out you'll need to calibrate your ear position for the best 3D audio effect. It also reveals that you'll be able to set the power for the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.  

On top of that, the video also recommends that PS4 games should be installed on an external drive, so space on the PS5's SSD can be reserved for PS5 games. Considering that it looks like the PS5 SSD will only have around 667GB of useable space, it makes sense that you'll want to explore alternative storage methods for your backwards compatible games.

With the PS5 release date getting closer, we're learning more and more about Sony's launch plans by the day. From the fact that the PS5's launch will be online only to the possibility of the console shipping early in Germany, the next-generation of PlayStation has never felt so close. Right, time to figure out the optimal position of my ears for 3D audio...

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