"Player Two" short film shows a brother's love through video games

Anyone who grew up playing video games with an older sibling (or other family member, or friend) knows what it's like to be "Player Two". It's a special sort of connection, and a recently-produced thesis animation from Zachary Antell turns that feeling into a beautiful feast for the eyes that you need to see. Just uh … just make sure you're alone if you don't want anyone to see you cry: 

My own brothers and I never connected or agreed on many things - probably part of me being born 10 and 9 years apart from them, I suppose - but I still remember feeling honored and full of joy when one of them would invite me to join them as Player Two.

Just goes to show how much video games can mean in this world. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go lay down and eat a tub of ice cream as I sob loudly into a pillow. 

Sam Prell

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