Piglet's Big Movie review

Though not a patch on the classic Winnie The Pooh featurettes of the '60s, Piglet's Big Movie at least improves on 2000's The Tigger Movie by returning to AA Milne's stories for inspiration.

As the title suggests, it's the pint-sized porker who takes centre stage, Pooh, Rabbit et al realising just how much they need the little guy when he goes AWOL in the Hundred Acre Wood. Cue three flashbacks (all culled from Milne originals) that see the neurotic midget taking a bath, building a house for Eeyore and saving Roo's bacon on a North Pole "expotition".

Filled with wholesome homilies, icky sentiment and winsome ditties from Carly Simon (who makes an unsettling cameo over the end credits), it's ideal fodder for under-sixes, many of whom will sympathise with the hero's inferiority complex. However, after four shorts, two television series and numerous straight-to-video efforts, you do wonder how much longer Disney intends to milk its cash-pig.

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