Watch the Pigeon Simulator trailer and prepare to become a winged engine of destruction

"What would it be like to live as a freakishly strong pigeon with no moral code and a penchant for sowing chaos and destruction that's only exceeded by its love of bread?" It's a question we all find ourselves asking at some point in life, and finally, we'll be able to find the answer with Pigeon Simulator. The new game is the next project from Bossa Studios, which previously let you explore the world as a slice of bread in I Am Bread or the inside of hapless patients in Surgeon Simulator.

Bossa Studios also made Worlds Adrift, the ambitious physics-driven sky pirate MMO, though that's shutting down this month. I guess you could consider Pigeon Simulator to bet its direct successor, since they're both sort of about flying? Though Worlds Adrift was much more concerned with grappling around to harvest resources and upgrade your ship, and Pigeon Simulator seems to be about finding slices of bread to stick your head through while making life a living hell for the residents of Barnardshire.

I don't believe pigeons normally fly in tight formations. But they don't usually pick up skateboards with their little pink feet and fly them directly into the groin of unsuspecting businesspeople, either, so I probably shouldn't nitpick.

Bossa Studios hasn't announced when Pigeon Simulator will perch and warble contentedly on our platforms of choice, but I doubt we'll have to wait long. You can sign up on the official website for announcements in the meantime.

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Connor Sheridan

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