Persona 4 contest winners revealed!

A short while back, we asked you GamesRadar readers toinvent your personas– in other words, your demonic alter egos – and send pictures of them to us in exchange for a huge stack of Persona 4 goodies. It was a big success. Yes, some of you seem to have some serious issues hidden inside your minds, but whatever – you’ve also got some serious talent. Check out this menagerie of frightful greed. Or, head over tothis forum threadand see the contest in its natural environment.

First, a quick reminder as to what the winners would be able to call their own:

Now, because we hate waiting more than you, the winners:

The Grand Prize:
Melepomene, by FalconMbuster

We didn’t give this one our highest award simply because creator FalconMbuster named it after a mythological character just like the personas in the real persona universe. And we didn’t do it just because the art is great. No, he takes top honors because Falcon went the extra mile and attempted to carve Mel’s head out of a potato. That, ladies and gentlemen, is going the extra mile.

And just so you know, the extra special added prize we threw in for the Grand Prize winner is a copy of the reissue of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for the original PlayStation. Which also came from Atlus, so it’s technically still from them. Sue us.

First runner-up:
Domo Arigato by PhoenixGamma

Superb art that actually could have fit beautifully into the style of the game. And the fact that one of the judges is old enough to remember the band Styx when they were popular didn’t hurt its chances a bit. Congratulations PhoenixGamma! You’ve won a prize pack.

Second runner-up:
Apate Jess by Yami Zero

Yami Zero places with this exquisite design, called Apate Jess. She’s the Greek personification of Deception released from Pandora's Box, and the daughter of Nyx and Erebos.

Says the author: I went with Apate as my Persona, mainly because I tend to lie a lot and tell tall tales. I also found it more fitting to have a female Persona over a male one, I lack any masculinity. As far as the design, I had her set with two masks to show that I hide my emotions when telling my lies and it goes a bit better with the theme of Persona as well.

Granted, we have no more Persona-related prizes, but we’ll find something around the office to give to you. Want Chris Antista’s entire desk?

Third runner-up:
Shanks by purple_omlet

Not only does Shanks have a decent sense of humor, but a detailed explanation of what each element of the game symbolizes puts him over the top.

Mask: The broken mask with the eye showing from behind it shows a hidden identity, and the simple eye means a sort of innocence of the creature.
Television: As a broken TV, it just shows a hate for the media.
Faucet: He's made of water underneath the Fur.
Clock: Pressed for time?
Led pipe: It was just the simplest, most menacing weapon I could think of. Have you ever messed with a crazy person with a pipe in their hand? I think not.

That’s it for the winners, but check out the following pages for the runners-up. Some are funny on purpose, some are funny on accident, and some aren’t funny at all, but are nonetheless worth a look.