Persona 4 contest winners revealed!

Excellent art work on Papa Legba, by proxybypass. We can’t help but wonder if this was Colonel Sanders’ worst nightmare. Not that it’s really that chicken-y, but seeing this in one’s sleep would be rough on anyone, right?

As this entry, titled “Gemini”, makes clear, slightlysalted has one thing on his mind … and we’d like to get it out of his mind and onto film.

Dezmonster’s entry is the Time Vizard, which represents “all the stuff in our past we lock away and want to forget and all the mistakes we wish we could fix.” You know, like that time at band camp when you let Becky Shaeffer have the last hot wing and she still didn’t let you get to second base. Man, that day sucked! You know, important stuff like that.

The Judger eats your sins, which fuel his flame. Then he acts out the sins. So, redwolfman, if you farted in a swimming pool, would the flame stay lit?

At first, we were actually confused by bariscorpio’s entry Calligraph. Given the description that it “appears to have otter-like features as well (whiskers, rudder-like tail, webbed feet), so he may be a gorram furry. Rages at anything trivial, gets upset over unimportant details & flaws, refuses to look at the big picture", we thought it might have been an old intern we haven’t seen in awhile.

XCrimson’s HearNoEvil is actually inspired by that image of three monkeys who see, hear, and speak no evil. We suspect she hears badly because of those spiky earmuffs, but whatever. A fire elemental, she wears a blue shirt that represents an “ice queen” whose memory haunts her creator to this day. Oh, burn!

We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that kingofspades isn’t a font designer at his day job. And also that his creation Ethaneus Brute has trouble finding shoes that fit.

User eju’s entry Ankou is inspired by Breton mythology. Which does not, in fact, refer to mythology made up by our own Brett Elston. Tough break, B-money.

Drphoenix192 originally based Regore on himself, but added a few bits here and there. Like the six-pack abs, for example.

Derrderr420 never got his cheetos.

Cariku’s monkey king can wear real clothes. No word on a throwing poop power.

Zymn’s entry claims that this baby is ugly. We concur.

Dec 23, 2008