Perrier's Bounty review

A father and son try to an escape a bunch of gangsters in twhat feels like a second-rate In Bruges

“There’s a point to all this drivel,” growls The Grim Reaper (Gabriel Byrne in VO) in Ian Fitzgibbon’s intermittently amusing crime caper.

Actually there are three: don’t borrow money from murderously impatient gangsters; a great cast does not a great film make; and eccentricity alone isn’t enough to create the next In Bruges.

Jim Broadbent and Cillian Murphy play a father and son on the run from Brendan Gleeson’s eponymous heavy, though their amazing lack of urgency detracts from the bone-snapping gravity of the situation.

There are flecks of wit and charm to be found in here, but really it all boils down to second-rate Ritchie.

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