Perfect Dark Zero exposed

Following on from the (further reinforcing our confidence in the we revealed last month), details of Rare's long-awaited Perfect Dark Zero have also seeped on to the web thanks to an interview by

The interview was with two excited gamers who were lucky enough to sample the Xbox 360 first hand at Microsoft's MTV event and was originally posted as a 30 minute MP3 file.

The two interviewees - one from female gaming clan PMS - waxed lyrical about the abilities of the machine and the demo of Perfect Dark Zero they were let loose on.

By far the most exciting aspect of Perfect Dark mentioned was the ability to use Xbox 360's camera to scan in the face and full body of one of the attendees for use in a multiplayer session.

When Xbox 360 and Perfect Dark are released, every gamer will be able to scan their own likeness into the game for the purpose of suitably representing themselves online. So expect to see loads of naked men running around in the game when playing on Live then...

Commenting on the Perfect Dark demo, one of the interviewees said "the gameplay was smooth - the weapons amazing", before confirming 22 weapons were available in the demo, ranging from guns to grenade launchers.

Perfect Dark Zero will also feature realistic, Halo 2-style graphics and will boast a jet pack collectable that will allow gamers to fly freely around levels, gunning down other players from above.

Aside from Perfect Dark, other Xbox 360 functions were also discussed, with the PMS clan member saying that "[Xbox 360] should replace any need you have in any other entertainment system", clearly impressed by the multimedia abilities of the machine.

In addition, the customisable fascia feature was also reaffirmed, while the big central joypad button will indeed be used to jump into a menu system where you can respond to, or initiate, text-messaging conversations or video messaging.

While was 'asked' to take the MP3 down, it remains online at a couple of mirror download sites. To get the MP3 yourself, , although be fast - it probably won't stay there very long.