Paxton to replace Quaid on Knockout

Bill Paxton is in talks to replace Dennis Quaid in Steven Soderbergh’s Knockout , which starts shooting next week in Dublin.

Earlier this month , we raved about the cast list for Soderbergh's espionage thriller.

"Michael Douglass!" we cried. "Ewan McGregor!" we yelped. "Michael Fassenbender!" we exclaimed. "...Gina Carano?" we wondered.

For what seems like his fifteenth film project in as many months, Soderbergh has gone scoured his phone book and gone for his usual blend of A-list and No-list.

The arrival of Paxton adds a certain gravitas to a film, the likes of which even a Dennis Quaid can't muster - sure, he doesn't bring in the housewives like Quaid, but the geek quotient in Paxton's fanbase is not to be misunderestimated - nobody panics, plays the coward or pisses his pants like Paxton, and he can double cross the doublest of crosses.

Rounding out Soderbergh's cast is Antonio Banderas as an International Agent caught up in Carano's conspiracy.

All we need now is a random Matt Damon cameo, and this baby is ready to cook.

Looking forward to some Paxton pant-pissing action? Or yearning for Quaid? Let us know!

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