The Park's secret world of terror and gaudy theme parks comes to consoles

Rickety old fairgrounds are freaky enough when they're full of people. When The Park comes to PS4 and Xbox One in the first quarter of 2016, you'll get all the joy of being pretty sure you're about to die on a rusty roller coaster combined with the brain-contorting horrors of The Secret World, Funcom's long-running MMO of conspiracies and Lovecraftian terror.

The Park tells a discrete story of a mother looking for her lost child in a dilapidated amusement park, so experience with The Secret World is not required. Fans should spot some common elements that tie it back in with the established setting, but don't expect to join the Illuminati and get magic powers or anything.

The Park will be the first Funcom game on consoles in a decade: its last console game, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, hit the original Xbox in 2006. Funcom went kind of overboard with PC-exclusive MMOs after it shipped Anarchy Online in 2001, so hopefully this means that console gamers will get to enjoy more of its imaginative stories going forward.

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