Panzer Tactics DS - first look

All three of the campaigns will focus around a "core" army that gains experience (and strength) as you cross Europe. New, more powerful vehicles will become available as upgrades along a historically accurate timeline. For example, the outmatched German tanks will quickly be replaced by the amazingly tough Tiger and Jagd Panther in '43 and '44. The idea is to keep your most battle-hardened vehicle crews alive in order to place them in the newest tanks, bombers and fighter planes.

In addition to the core army concept, you'll also field "Captains" - leaders that you can attach to key units to give them a special combat ability in battle. Weather, terrain, morale and ammunition will all play a part in your success or failure as a general - so intelligent use of your leaders will be key component of victory.

Spanning all six years of the Second World War, Panzer Tactics will include a veritable "who's who" of WWII weapons and vehicles. Among the pocket-sized favorites will be the US's famed fighters, the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning; Germany's Tiger tanks and pulverizing Stuka dive bombers; Russia's rocket-belching Katyusha and T-34 tank; and Britain's hero, the RAF Spitfire.

Getting a Panzer General in our pocket never sounded so good. Getting one in our Christmas stocking sounds even better - Panzer Tactics DS is planned for release this holiday season.