Pac-Man World Rally hands-on

Crash Team Rac- er, World Rally also benefits from its Tsunami of Nostalgia that breaks through the Rocky Beach of Kart Racing Cynicism. Right from the start you'll hear the timeless Pac-jingle flutter through the speakers, catchy enough to even make one editor start busting out his equally rustic and timeless dance moves. Tunes from arcade shooter Galaga surfaced as well, plus a level from Katamari Damacy - though none of thePrince of All Cosmos' groovy music, Namco? Shame.

Don't get us wrong - World Rally rips a lot of ideas right off the other games in this genre and doesn't even do them as well. None of the power sliding felt tight and one of the racers (Toc-Man, to be specific) handled like such garbage we have actually banned the character from further verbal acknowledgement. Nothing exceptional, nothing terribly broken - sounds like a decent mix for hardcore kart fans or kids looking to blow away a weekend.