Pac-Man chomps up Tokyo art gallery

Art critics, move over. Pac-Man is invading Tokyo’s 3331 Arts Chiyoda gallery to celebrate his 30th birthday, with an exhibition appropriately titled, “Exhibition Pac-Man 80’s to 10’s Gaming Culture.”

The exhibit runs from the 2nd of October (as in right now) to the 11th and the main features include the following:

- Nine playable variations on the original Pac-Man cabinet, from foreign versions to rare machines that included the character’s original name “Puck-Man.”
- A large selection of the many console versions of Pac-Man from around the world.
- Several screenings of the pilot for the upcoming 3D-animated Pac-Man TV series.
Various pieces of Pac-Man themed art, including an item from Andy Warhol’s Japan-themed collection.
- A marathon screening of the American Pac-Man cartoon. We wonder if the inadvertent racial slurs (opens in new tab)the show used will be included?
- Art from French artist Nicolas Buffe
- A Pac-Man roundtable discussion.
- All kinds of Pac-Man merchandise.

If you’re interested but can’t find your way to Japan in the next week, you can check the gallery’s live stream (opens in new tab). It doesn’t run 24/7, but we think the major events from the show will be broadcast.

Above: The History of Pac-Man from Namco Bandai’s Japanese “online museum”

Sourc:Official exhibit website (opens in new tab)

Oct 6, 2010

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