OXM Poll: Which of these Xbox One games should be adapted into a movie?

For our new issue, OXM wants your opinions for a new section of the magazine. Every month, we'll ask you a simple question, and your answers will make up a piece of the papery puzzle.

With Micheal Fassbender and a decent director attached, next years Assassins Creed might just be the first great videogame movie. Hell, at this point we'd settle for 'watchable'. Which got us thinking, which of these major Xbox game deserves to grace the big screen?

A Halo movie has been in development hell for years now, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't still like to see it. Tomb Raider already spawned a couple of dreadful movies, but now Lara's no longer a wisecracking supermodel, surely it's time for another chance? Let us know in the poll below.