Overwatch 2 still has a "lot of great PvE content coming this year" says producer

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Overwatch 2 still has a "lot of great PvE content coming this year," promises a senior developer.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2's dedicated PvE mode had been cancelled, with dramatically less of the promised PvE content from 2019 making it into the final game. Now though, Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss has clarified that while the dedicated PvE mode is cancelled, the sequel will still see plenty of new PvE content.

Chiefly, Neuss writes on Twitter, "big story missions, new cinematics, co-op events, and single-player Hero Mastery missions" are still on the way for Overwatch. It seems that Neuss' tweet reveals that while the grand vision of the PvE mode for Overwatch 2 is effectively dead and gone, some planned PvE content is still in the pipeline.

Overwatch 2's PvE mode was originally billed as a "hero mode," with its own distinct progression systems for different characters. Alongside the announcement yesterday, game director Aaron Keller stated that "the original vision for Overwatch 2" was changed to "get something in front of players sooner." It looks like Blizzard will wait a little while longer to reveal this revamped PvE content.

After the announcement hit yesterday, Overwatch 2 players were taking the news pretty hard. Because bespoke PvE was pitched as a founding element for Overwatch 2 back when it was revealed in 2019, players are now wondering why Overwatch 2 even exists at this point, particularly as the game has often struggled to distinguish itself as a sequel and not just a big patch.

Overwatch 2's community is pretty disappointed with Blizzard's news, but it's clear the developer isn't throwing out everything they've been working on for the dedicated mode.

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