Overkill's The Walking Dead E3 2018 gameplay is channeling Left 4 Dead and Payday hard

Here's your first look at Overkill's The Walking Dead E3 2018 gameplay. It's a four player co-op zombie killing (re-killing?) game, so it's hard not to think of the classic Left 4 Dead 2

Okay this is slower than Valve's witch-screaming, panic filled horde rush, but there's an undeniably familiar and satisfying look to taking on the undead with friends. The DNA of Overkill's last game, Payday 2 is undeniable too, from weapon feel to the objective based missions. 

And, as you'd hope, it feels like a Walking Dead experience - from the overgrown streets that look like they've been lifted from the show, to gunfire attracting walkers and the ability to board up zombie filled houses to keep things under control. 'Don't open. Dead inside,' indeed. 

Overkill's The Walking Dead currently has a release date of November 8 in Europe and November 6 in the US.

Leon Hurley
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