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Outbreak of happy Nintendo-themed snowmen spotted across UK

If you live in the UK and look out of the window, chances are you'll see a whole lot of white stuff on the ground. That white stuff is called snow. Snow is like frozen rain that's gone fluffy. It is used for sculpting men called 'snowmen'. The name is misleading as snowmen are normally sexually ambiguous and can take the shape of many different things that are not man-shaped. Like fiddler crabs or a pair of giant disembodied boobs.

Some people even make them in the shape of video game characters. And that is exactly what readers of the UK'sOfficial Nintendo Magazinehave been doing. My personal favourite is this snowman that is actually a 'Snow Goomba':

Above: The Snow Goomba.A simple yet unmistakeable homage to Nintendo's long-serving grunt

If you want to see more of these seasonal snow-based sculptures, get over You'll find snow compacted and shaped into a whole manner of Nintendo favourites, including Link, Snorlax, Bowser and Kirby. Surprisingly, no one's made a Fox McSnowcloud yet. Or how about Snowda Popinski? Or Shigeru Miyamosnow. Or... actually no, that's all I can think of.

02 Dec, 2010

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