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Ouendan 2 [import] review

No problem too small, no dance routine too big


  • Keeps winning formula
  • Soundtrack is awesome
  • Quirky and hilarious story


  • Bastard-hard
  • Gameplay feels a little too same-y
  • Later levels make you wanna kill the DS

Stuck in a rut? Life lost its fizz? Or perhaps you have a more specific problem, such as a dirty monkey and no spa bath to clean him in. Fear not, troubled soul, because Ouendan is just a despairing wail away. Ouendan - Elite Beat Agents here in the States - is the name of the cheerleading squad that turns up whenever a situation turns bad enough to require the kind of fixing that only three guys in trenchcoats, a cheerfully bouncy piece of Japanese pop and some synchronized dance moves can do.

Retaining almost exactly the same gameplay and the maddening difficulty level of the original, Ouendan 2 doesn’t mess with the formula that made it a cult favorite. An introductory cutscene - skippable - sets the scene in surreal manga style, and the despairing cry of “Ouendan!” summons the cheerleading trio who’ll make everything okay.

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionNintendo just announced this sequel to cult-favorite Ouendan in Japan, or Elite Beat Agents to us English-speakers. Expect plenty more stylus-tapping and excruciatingly hard tracks like "Canned Heat."
US censor ratingRating Pending