Manor Lords nearly let you fight rebelling villagers, but the city builder's dev decided against it as "something felt off with rallying militia to fight your own villagers"

Manor Lords
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The creator of Steam's chart-topping city builder Manor Lords has revealed that a scrapped rebellion system that let you fight off your own villagers to quell an uprising had been trialed in-game.

The mechanic was "prototyped and discarded", creator Slavic Magic said on Twitter, responding to a query about settler approval scores from user Scarface9876. "Something felt off with rallying militia to fight your own villagers, like it wasn't satisfying, and I remember testers making fun that they are basically torching their own homes 'cause food variety was too low."

As it stands currently in Early Access, not meeting your villagers' needs and allowing your approval rating to drop below a 50% benchmark results in settlers packing up and leaving. It's an annoying consequence, albeit not an inherently catastrophic one, since it's fairly easy to keep your Manor Lords people happy and earn their approval once you have the right structures in place. 

Having heightened consequences for slacking in that regard, as suggested by Scarface9876, would certainly up the ante when it comes to creating pressure on the player to right their wrongs. Still, with your Manor Lords militia comprising actual townspeople, it would be pretty strange to rally your troops to fight against themselves – though I'm sure a paid group of mercenaries or your personal lordly retinue would have no problem with giving those peasants what-for.

Manor Lords is still in Early Access on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC, so who knows if the rebellion mechanic might find its way back into the game for us to try out ourselves someday?

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