Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams review

You want big-ass swords? We got big-ass swords

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Your enemies aren't all that bright, either, but their patterns of attack are varied enough that you can't get away with button-mashing for long. New opponents are introduced with clockwork regularity, keeping you on your toes, and the outlandish (and challenging) boss battles have you fighting everything from a crab-like insect with a tail full of rotating blades to a room-filling, gas-spewing plant. It's possible to level up and just skate through on sheer brawn alone, but it's far more fun to get to know each boss' pattern of attack. However you choose to proceed, beating Dawn of Dreams' convoluted stages always feels like an accomplishment,with each talkative interludebringing you closer to facing the emperor.

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DescriptionThe series tries for a fresh start with a genuine ogre playing the hero. Get ready to mix it up with demons yet again.
US censor rating"Mature"
UK censor rating""