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No more high-flying gaming for DS, PSP

Oct 3, 2007

Wireless signals have always been prohibited on planes, but they don't know when you're playing Mario Kart DS against your mate at the back of the plane, so who cares, right?

Well, now the air police in Japan are wise to our deception and so they've completely banned the use of DS and PSP on flights altogether. Plane journeys just got even more unbearable.

It's down to the same old pish; Japan's transport ministry says that the console's ability to emit electromagnetic waves can interfere with the plane's navigational systems (even though frantic four-player Metroid Prime Hunters battles never stopped us from getting to E3 in LA - they found it just fine).

Above: If you try playing this in the air your plane will explode

So what will you do for your 13-hour flight to Japan? Listen to some ultra-loud, ear-wrecking music? No can do - they've banned the use of headphones not provided by the airlines too, and if we're forced to listen to our Wu-Tang tunes on those crap headphones, we'd rather not listen to anything at all.

But you are still allowed to use non-Wi-Fi equipped games consoles, so we guess it'll be time to dust of the old GBA SP.

Courtesy of CVG.