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No more Ghostbusters for Reitman?

That logo never seemed more fitting. Just when it looked like things were getting fired up over at the Ghostbusters threequel, proceedings may have hit a stumbling block.

Seems Sony Columbia are feeling a bit tetchy about Ivan Reitman taking the helm as director, and are keen for a younger, hipper new filmmaker to take the reins. Yuhuh, it’s Spider-Man all over again.

Except this time, it’s Reitman who wields the power. An intricate web of legal thingmebobs means that Reitman and his cast get the final say on the project, not the studio (now there’s an interesting concept – filmmakers actually being in control of their own stuff).

So, even if Columbia want to hire the former director of Hannah Montana or some such guff, Reitman and the triumvirate of Akroyd-Ramis-Murray are the ones who get final approval on anything Ghostbusters 3 .

The question now is: will he give up on the project entirely, and shelve Ghostbusters 3 forever? He’s already lined up to direct Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in cover-those-eyes-kids-rom-com Fuckbuddies (coming soon to a title-changing factory near you), so he’s a busy fella.

We’re guessing his decision will rest on the quality of the script’s second draft, due this May. At that point, any one of the power-wielding cast members – the decidedly unenthusiastic Bill Murray the most likely suspect – could pull out of the flick and doom it to an early grave.

Think this is just not right, man?