No Man's Sky player's underwater base gives BioShock's Rapture a run for its money

No Man's Sky
(Image credit: Hello Games)

Rapture, the central city of the BioShock franchise, is a lot like hell in that it looks really cool in video games but I don't actually want to go there. Thankfully, No Man's Sky builder Chongsparks has prepared a staggering underwater hub of their own design so we can live out our wildest deep-sea fantasies without worrying about the whole Splicer thing. 

As Chongsparks explained on Twitter (spotted by PC Gamer), this build began well over a year ago and slowly grew more ambitious and detailed over time. They only recently finished it by adding the final batch of pipes, bringing the build's total pipe count to, I don't know, a bazillion or so. 

This build is so massive, in fact, that you can't even render the damn thing properly in the main game. It was made in No Man's Sky's creative mode and has long since exceeded the game's object limit, so at any given moment you'll only be able to take in a portion of this behemoth. Still, no matter how you look at it, this thing is breathtaking. It's a wholly original work but between the sprawling pipes, the neon highlights, and the connecting tunnels just crying out for a bathysphere, it's easy to squint your eyes and forget you aren't in Rapture. 

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If you want to see this base for yourself (or at least as much of it as you can), check out the glyph code in the tweet above. 

Developer Hello Games has another game in the works, but it's keeping quiet on this one after No Man's Sky's controversial launch.

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