No Man's Sky devs bring their mobile breakout Joe Danger back to life

Joe Danger
(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky studio Hello Games has remastered its original breakout hit, Joe Danger, as well as the 2014 sequel Joe Danger Infinity, and both games are back on the App Store.

Joe Danger is Hello Games' debut title and passion project. It launched exclusively on PS3 way back in 2010 before making its way to Xbox 360 the year after. A mobile version launched on iOS in 2013 and on Android in 2015, which is the one being brought back to life today.

"Joe holds a special place in our hearts," Hello Games founder Sean Murray said in a press release. "It was our first game when we were still four guys in a shed, trying to get noticed. We published it ourselves (no publishers were interested!), houses were even re-mortgaged to bring it to completion! Joe helped our studio get a foothold and establish ourselves as a company, but it's also where we learned to make games."

Joe held a special place in a lot of folks' hearts, apparently, as it sold over a million copies during its original run and received generally positive reviews - back when its knees weren't so cranky, GamesRadar gave it 4 out of 5 stars. According to Murray, fans have been sending weekly emails calling for its revival since it was culled from the iOS library along with a bunch of other older games. "It's always been a secret shame of ours that the success of No Man's Sky left Joe Danger unloved," he said. 

If you haven't played it, Joe Danger is an eclectic side-scroller that mixes in elements of racing games to make something pretty dang unique, even by today's standards. Joe Danger Infinity sounds like a worthy follow-up, as it also garnered an array of glowing reviews at launch. Both remasters sport improved graphics and framerates, and in Infinity's case, gamepad and ProMotion support for those who fancy a little boost of immersion and control. 

You can get Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity on the App Store today, and anyone who owns either game can get the upgraded version for free.

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