No Bioshock PC demo today

Aug 17, 2007

Reports zipping around the Internet during the last 12 hours raised hopes that the PC demo for BioShock would be released later today - however, the game's publisher 2K Games has told us there's still no confirmed date for the FPS sample.

2K said the plan is to still get the PC demo out this month, but it has no further news at this stage. The publisher previously stated that it's busting its balls to get the demo out before August 21 when the game releases officially in the States, but it's running out of time.

It's gutting for PC gamers that the demo of the game that's on everyone's lips isn't out, especially when the Xbox 360 Bioshock demo has been out since last Sunday. That's just rubbing salt into the wound.

To its credit 2K's been very apologetic over the lack of a PC demo, but it still HURTS.

Bioshock has been massively hyped and, of course, when a game receives such hype we all prepare ourselves for the inevitable major letdown. However, if you've been following reviews of the first-person shooter then you'll know it's receiving massive scores - high 90 percents and 10/10s - and on average is currently scoring higher than any other game EVER.

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