Nintendo Systems is a new company with a cool new website

Nintendo Systems
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Nintendo has a slick new website thanks to a new partnership.

Back in November 2022, Nintendo announced it would be partnering with mobile games studio DeNA. The fruits of this partnership have now ripened, and the result is a brand new website for Nintendo dubbed 'Nintendo Systems,' which honestly looks cool as hell.

The website has a great retro vibe to it, as menus sprawl out in short code near the left border of the screen, and a main homepage takes up the rest of the screen. The whole thing has the look of something that'd be used by the crew of the Nostromo in Alien, although it'd have to be a lot murkier and gloomier for that comparison to truly hit home.

This isn't just a website collaboration between the two - it's actually an entirely new company. Nintendo Systems is the name emblazoned on the website's main page, and this is also the name of the company, that will make delivering Nintendo's goods to its customers around the world easier (somehow).

When the partnership between Nintendo and DeNA was first announced last year, the Nintendo Systems company was actually slated to launch on April 3, 2023. Everything appears to have gone to plan for the venture, which has launched perfectly on schedule, which can only mean good things for the future for both Nintendo and DeNA.

If you're wondering what the latter company is responsible for, they developed Star Wars: Galactic Defense for phones over a decade ago, but have also worked on software tools like social music service Groovy, and app Showroom, which is utilized by Japanese voice actors and idols as a live streaming service. DeNA has a bigger resume than you'd think outside of games.

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