Nintendo Switch price drop confirmed in Europe and UK

Nintendo Switch
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Update: The Nintendo Switch price has now been dropped in Europe and the UK.

Following rumours that surfaced last week, the official Nintendo Store and Amazon France (via VGC), currently list the console at €269.99 and £259.99, down from  €329.99 and £279.99 in the UK.

At time of writing, the price hasn't dropped in the US, where the official Nintendo store still lists the console at $299.99. As it's still early in the morning in much of North America, however, it's possible that the price will be adjusted later today, although any drop will likely be closer in line with the new UK price than the European price.

Original story: A Nintendo Switch price drop  could be announced next week, according to a known retail leaker.

In a recent tweet, French Nintendo site Nintend'Alerts stated that the "Nintendo Switch console [is] set to drop from Monday and sell around 270 €" (translated via Twitter). At time of writing, the Switch sells throughout Europe for around €330, in the US for $299, and in the UK for £279. 

That €60 drop would equate to around $70 or £80, which in theory could see prices plummet to $229 or just £200 in the US and UK respectively. It's also possible, however, that Nintendo is aiming to bring the cost of the Switch in Europe closer in line with other regions - €330 currently equates to $390, meaning it's far more expensive to buy one of the consoles in Europe than it is in North America or other major regions, such as Japan.

In the four years since the Nintendo Switch's original release, there's been no official price drop, although the smaller Switch Lite model does cost less than the base edition. With the Nintendo Switch OLED - with its larger OLED screen - launching on October 8 at a price point of $349/£309/€365, Nintendo could be looking to make the original a slightly more attractive alternative with a worldwide adjustment. Not that it necessarily needs one - as of May 2021, the Nintendo Switch became the eight best-selling console ever, surpassing the Xbox 360 as it topped 84.6 million units sold.

Nintend'Alerts does have pretty good form when it comes to leaks, but until there's an official announcement from Nintendo, take this information with a pinch of salt. Even if it turns out to be correct, there's no guarantee it'll apply to all regions.

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