Nintendo Switch £200 price rumors backed by online retailer pre-orders

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Evidence for a £200 starting price for the Nintendo Switch is mounting. Online retailer GameSeek currently lists a pre-order for the system at £198.50. The site also has a "pre-order price guarantee" that says if the price goes up between the time of your order and the release date, you pay the lesser. This would seem to imply that GameSeek is confident in the £200 price range.

Earlier this month, a report from anonymous sources allegedly from within UK retailer GAME claimed that the upcoming platform would start at £199, with a £249 deluxe edition that came with a game packed in. So GameSeek's price is at least in the right range.

Now, whether GameSeek itself is a business you want to give money to or not is your choice. The site could simply be attempting to cash in on the price reports circulating around the web, nabbing up customers before more reputable spots like GAME, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and the like have pre-orders available. Personally, I'd advise waiting until Nintendo has something to officially announce.

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