Nintendo isn’t announcing an upgraded Switch model “anytime soon”

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo has once again denied rumors of an upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro model, but this latest denial isn't exactly putting the nail in the coffin.

Just below, Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki revealed that, when asked at a recent investor briefing if they were planning to release a new Nintendo Switch model this year, Nintendo simply responded that they were "not planning to make an announcement anytime soon." That's certainly leaving the door open for a new Nintendo Switch model being in production.

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Speculation and rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been doing the rounds for over a year. A little over 12 months ago in January 2020, Nintendo first denied a report about an upcoming upgraded model of the Nintendo Switch, which claimed the company was asking Switch developers to get their games 4K-ready.

More recently, last month fresh speculation about a new Nintendo Switch model was doing the rounds thanks to a datamine in the Switch's software. Just before that in December 2020, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser poured cold water in the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, outright denying speculation about an upgraded console.

Interestingly, the Nintendo of America president added at the same time that the Switch was at the "midpoint" of its lifecycle. Bowser revealed that the Switch's historic sales success meant that the company had thrown out the old thinking of upgrading their consoles of every 4-5 years, and their current console didn't need upgrading as often.

Earlier today, Nintendo's recent financial report revealed that the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the 3DS in total units sold, reaching roughly 80 million units shipped. The Nintendo Switch has had an astounding 12 months, and it's poised to be big in 2021 with or without a new, upgraded release.

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