Nintendo having Japanese 3DS press event Friday morning US time

The 3DS looks to be on the road to recovery following its huge price cut back in August. Sales have been steadily improving, games like Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 look like potential blockbusters, and its biggest handheld competition, the PS Vita, isn't hitting the US and UK until after the all-important holiday season. Now it looks like something else is brewing for the system, as Nintendo has a press event scheduled for Friday night Japan time, but just what will be revealed is shrouded in mystery.

According to Andriasang the event is titled “Nintendo 3DS New Information Internet Presentation" and will be a pre-recorded affair hosted by Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata. We don’t want to get your hopes up as the last Japan-only press event was a little bit of a letdown (though a new Mario Tennis and Fire Emblem is nothing to sneeze at), but just what could this be? Though we’d like to think it could be something as big as a new Pokemon or Metroid game or possibly even a system redesign, we’re aiming our sights a little lower. Perhaps they’ll finally update the 3DS software with new Find Me quests and puzzle pieces. Or how about a more concrete release date than “before the end of 2011” for those GBA Ambassador games?

You’ll be able to watch the stream here, though it seems the event will be only in Japanese and will broadcast at 4:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. But whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted.

Oct 19, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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