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Nintendo has high hopes for 3DS anti-piracy tech

Speaking at a 3DS presentation in Amsterdam last week, Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton and UK marketing manager James Honeywell commented (albeit carefully) on the state of their anti-piracy features, noting that while they're cautious of saying anything to attract the attention of hackers, that the 3DS will be a tough nut to crack.

"We can't divulge any technical details on that but needless to say this is probably one of our best pieces of equipment in that respect. There are a lot of things we've learnt over time to try and improve the security and protection - not only of our IP but of our third-party publishers' IP as well,” said Yamton.

In a later chat with CVG, Honeywell said that the overall success of its anti-piracy measures will ultimately rely on how seriously the issue of piracy is dealt with around the globe, and that the he's confident that international laws and policies regarding digital pilfering are finally starting to show some results.

"There's definitely a step change coming and you see it in various countries around the world," noted Honeywell. "People are aware that video games, music and movies make massive contributions to the economies of countries. They need to make sure they start protecting those things.”

Jan 26, 2011

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[Source: CVG]

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