Nintendo DS Browser released

Opera Software announced today the new Nintendo DST Browser is available for DS and DS Lite users. For all you folks who are tired of lugging around your Wiis everywhere, just so you can get internet access, this is especially good news. The internet browseris packaged as a game cartridge and sold for an estimated retail price of $29.99. You canbuy either the Lite or regular version at, of course, you'll need internet access to swing that, but since you're reading this article we're betting you've already got that covered.On the other hand, if youlike doing things the old-fashioned way, you can grab the Lite version at the video game vendor of your choice.

Of course, the dual screens of the DS will provide an internet browsing experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Overview mode allows a complete website to be displayed on the lower screen with a highlighted area zoomed in on the upper screen, and Opera's Small-Screen Rendering mode combines the upper and lower screens to make one big (still kinda small) single screen.

Above: It's bringing internet back

The DST browser allows you to access the internet from any Wi-Fi environment and makes it easy to read the news, comparison shop, email,checkupdates on a favorite gaming website and generally do the stuff you do while on the internet. Because it's the internet. On your DS.

June 8, 2007