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Ninjabread Man review

The name makes you smile, the game takes it away


  • The game's clever title. Tee hee
  • Concept of a cookie ninja
  • Did we mention the title?


  • Controls are gawd-awful
  • Falling off things over
  • and over
  • Funny art squandered by weak graphics

Nov 8, 2007

Great name! If only somebody with a bigger budget had thought of it first. While we love the concept of a ginger ninja terrorizing the cake shop, the only thing this game has really got going for it is the lead character.

It's a bog-standard 3D platformer with incredibly horrid controls. Simply getting the sugary hero to land on a platform is no mean feat, as he'll often slide right off the other side or fail to jump high enough because he hit a sticky wall. It's an opportunity lost through low production values.

More Info

DescriptionIt's a standard 3D platformer with incredibly horrid controls. Stay away.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date1 October 2007 (US), (UK)