Nina's Heavenly Delights review

There’s a woeful dearth of divine inspiration surrounding this crummy Brit romcom about a young Scottish Asian (Shelley Conn) who dreams of having her family eaterie crowned the best curry house in Glasgow. Tandooris tikka back seat, however, once she realises it’s not her recipes her lesbian co-chef (Laura Fraser) is interested in.

Pratibha Parmar’s low-budget Bolly-folly ends up as an inedible mess whose attempts to Bend It Like Beckham only highlight its cliché-ridden ineptitude. It’s certainly a comedown for writer Andrea Gibb, whose previous efforts, Afterlife and Dear Frankie, showed her to be a dab hand at charting the course of unlikely human relationships. Not so here, though she’s hardly aided by a cast whose coarse Indian stereotypes seem to have been transplanted from Goodness Gracious Me.


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