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Night in the Woods devs tease creepy new game

(Image credit: The Glory Society)

The Glory Society, founded by some of the folks behind 2017 indie darling Night in the Woods, is working on something new. The developer teased the new game on Twitter and made clear that what they're working on isn't a sequel to Night in the Woods, but rather "something brand new."

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The reveal came with a teaser animation boasting an art style similar to Night in the Woods, with a blinking crow perched atop a gravestone. There's a symbol with a bone and pitchfork crossing and a crescent moon, pumpkin, leaf, and stars filling the spaces. Just below are the words, "A season above, a season below." It's not much, but it does all but confirm Infinite Fall's next project to have some horror elements similar to Night in the Woods.

If the Night in the Woods is any indication, we could also see the game explore themes like mental illness and economic depression, all with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor peppered in to lighten the mood somewhat. Night in the Woods has been an enormous critical success for portraying very real themes through a warm, clever lens, told from the perspective of an anthropomorphic feline.

With so little to draw from, it's hard to say much else about what The Glory Society could be cooking up, but the developers' past work is enough to indicate it's probably worth following.

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Jordan Gerblick
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