Night in the Woods and all its indie angst is now available on iOS mobile devices

Night in the Woods
(Image credit: Infinite Fall)

The 2017 story-driven indie darling Night in the Woods is now available on iOS mobile devices, developer Infinite Falls has announced. With this latest release, Night in the Woods is now available on most major platforms, with the only exception being Android mobile devices.

Infinite Falls surprise-announced the news today on Twitter. You can pick up Night of the Woods from the iOS app store for $5.99 and play through Mae Borowski's solemn tale of generational anxieties and personal struggle in full from your iPhone or iPad. 

In Night of the Woods, you play as a college dropout and anthropomorphic cat person who's returned home to her very Rust-belty hometown of Possum Springs. The town isn't in great shape after the closure of the coalmines puts a chokehold on the local economy. Regardless, here you meet Mae's eclectic circle of friends, who inform her that another of their old friends has gone missing.

From there, the story takes on some surprisingly heavy mental health issues, exploring themes of depression, anxiety, and depersonalization. You see, each time Mae goes to bed, she dreams of some increasingly frightening thing that continues to take a toll on her mental health. Gameplay is largely story-focused, but there's more to Night in the Woods than just walking around and talking to people - there's even a section that ranked quite favorably on our list of the best mini-games in games.

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